Acknowledgments, Accreditations and Abivet Conventions

The Accreditation Committee for Veterinary Technician Education is a voluntary organization established in 2007 to accredit veterinary technician education programs in the EU. In Europe, Veterinary Technicians are essential in the veterinary team. While each country has its own established systems for its own education and training, a more standardized approach helps veterinary registrars and employers to facilitate the movement of qualified veterinary technicians between EU Member States. ACOVENE accordingly sets standards for the delivery of veterinary technician training and establishes the minimum curriculum content for an accredited program. Look at the Adherent Countries          See the Certification on-site course        and the online course

Standard number : UNI/PdR 45:2018
Title : Veterinary Technician – Knowledge, skill and competence requirements
ICS : [03.040]  [11.020Status : IN FORCE
Effective date  : October 19, 2018
Summary : The reference practice defines the requirements relating to the Veterinary Technician, identifying the activities, responsibilities and related knowledge, skills and competences, defined on the basis of the criteria of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The document also provides the elements for the evaluation and validation of the learning outcomes and the guidelines for the non-formal training of the Veterinary Technician.

The course is A.N.M.V.I. approved.
National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors
The National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors (ANMVI) is a federation of professional veterinary associations, born in 1999 with the statutory objective of launching projects for the requalification and protection of the veterinary profession. She has been affiliated with Confprofessioni since 2000.

The major national, regional and provincial trade associations are federated in ANMVI, representing all sectors of the veterinary profession, both private and public. The Association is present throughout the national territory with its own regional executive councils.

RCVS the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognizes the ABIVET diploma and allows enrollment in the register of veterinary nurses in the UK.

An Implementing Body for Fondoprofessioni is a person appointed by a Proposing Body to implement a training activity

The Proposing Body is a single Professional Firm or Company that has joined Fondoprofessioni and represents the training needs of its employees to the Implementing Body itself, for the realization of the required training activities, possibly financed, through specific tenders, by Fondoprofessioni.

Abivet collaborates with the ITS Agroalimentare Foundation (Foundation of the Higher Technical Institute for New Technologies for Made in Italy – Agri-food System) is the post-diploma High Technical Specialization school (MIUR title),

EV Veterinary Events Soc. cons. a r.l.

EV Scarl has been operating since 1991 as a supplier of professional services in the veterinary medical field. From 2021 the company, on the strength of its thirty years of experience, has evolved and reorganized its structure into a portfolio based on 3 reference assets dedicated to training for veterinary medicine professionals, training for human medicine professionals and training of all non-health professionals related to the veterinary world.

Abivet has obtained certification according to the ISO 9001 standard.ISO 9001 is an international standard relating to Quality management, applicable by all Organizations, operating in any sector of activity.
RINA certifies that the ABIVET management system has been audited and found to comply with the requirements of the management system standards.

Our course has obtained the CEPAS Bureau Veritas certification for veterinary technicians.

The course is also recognized as a certification of skills and training by CEPAS Bureau Veritas certified according to the standard ISO/IEC 17024:2004 / ACCREDIA which offers the possibility to all certified veterinary technicians to have a greater marketability of their title by inserting their name in the list of certified veterinary technicians (list available both nationally and internationally).


ABIVET Collaborates with UNICAM the University of Camerino to carry out training and research initiatives and activities, technological development and innovation.

Abivet has an agreement with La Sapienza University. For carrying out Curricular internships.
Abivet has an agreement with Roma Tre University. For carrying out Curricular internships.
ABIVET is SPC Provider for the Continuing Professional Development of Veterinary Physicians.
ABIVET is a ECM Provider with 6900 accreditation, and participates in the national program of Continuing Medical Education.

Accreditation No. C0113_01990 as implementing body
FondER was created with the aim of promoting the culture of Continuing Education and financing Training Plans aimed at lay and religious workers of the participating Bodies/Institutes.

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