Abivet Benefit Company

The first veterinary services company in Europe to acquire Benefit status

ABIVET is the first veterinary services company in Europe to acquire the status of benefit company in its statute, to once again underline its predisposition to transparency and interest in animals and people.
We have always worked with particular attention to compliance with the rules of ethics and sound morality. We have always had it in our DNA. Now we have written it indelibly even in our statute. Benefit companies are companies which, in carrying out an economic activity, in addition to the purpose of dividing profits, pursue one or more purposes of common benefit and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders. Benefit Companies (SB) represent an evolution of the very concept of a company. While traditional companies exist with the sole purpose of distributing dividends to shareholders, benefit companies are the expression of a more evolved paradigm: they integrate in their corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the purpose of having a positive impact on society and biosphere. A Benefit Corporation is a legal instrument that creates a solid foundation for long-term mission alignment and the creation of shared value. We are not dealing with Social Enterprises or an evolution of the non-profit, but with a positive transformation of the dominant models of business for profit, a virtuous and innovative legal form.

Acknowledgments, Accreditations and Conventions of Abivet

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