Frequently Asked Questions about our Course

The Faqs are divided by Macrothemes

How to register

All those in possession of a 1st level secondary school diploma and a 2nd level secondary school diploma can access the course.

Enrollment for the online course can be done at any time of the year.
Delivery of the online course begins upon receipt of the required documentation and payment of the relative installment.

For the course in attendance, however, the deadline for enrollments is September 30 of each year.

Didactic-administrative issues

There will be one exam sessions at the end of each minimum period established for each module. It is not necessary to register for the final assessment tests for each subject.
The final exam takes place in Rome at the offices of ABIVET Società Benefit a R.L., at the end of the two-year training course. Sometimes an extraordinary session is scheduled.

Study mode

You don’t need to buy any other material. ABIVET provides students with all the material necessary for the study: handouts, slides and video pills.
A course of this type requires a commitment of many hours for the theory (study of what is presented in the lessons and exercises, insights, participation in the activities of the virtual class, interaction with teachers and tutors) and about 600 hours for the practical stages.
A reasonable value is 3-4 hours per module per week, necessary for the consultation of the teaching materials and for the consultation of the Subject Forum.
Paradoxically, a student enrolled in the course has a frequency of contacts with teachers and with the institution that is at least equal to a student who attends the course in person. This is possible thanks to the multiple tools of the IT platform, synchronous and asynchronous, individual or collective, which make it possible to identify different moments of contact and discussion between students and teachers, avoiding the risk of isolation, inherent in every Distance Learning model.
First of all, one addresses the subject tutor asking for explanations in the forum. For special cases it is also possible to contact the tutor personally via e-mail.
During the courses, the so-called “prove in itinere” are carried out and evaluated, which allow students to evaluate themselves and often serve as a starting point for the exam in question.

Technological aspects

The starting skills are minimal: it is necessary to know how to use an Internet browser and be able to install the missing software necessary for the use of the course on your computer. You must be able to boot from a CD without difficulty, know how to use an e-mail program and be comfortable with common Office programs.

The recommended connection to be able to make the most of it without unnecessary waiting or incorrect views of the teaching materials and online lessons is 128 kb/s or higher.

The technologies currently available are: ISDN, XDSL and satellite.

There are several providers on the market that the user can freely turn to. There are no particular recommendations for a specific product.


“In presence” means a period of a few days during which the student must be at the Rome office in order to take the final exams of the entire training course. The exam calendar is made available about one month before the exam session.
These periods are at the student’s expense. For all information on transport and hotel reservations, it is advisable to consult the site of the Municipality of Rome.
The final exams include a written test on all the subjects studied during the entire training course and a practical exam at one of the veterinary facilities affiliated with ABIVET s.r.l.