How our courses work

Most of the learning processes of the Course take place online through interaction with other students, teachers/tutors

The activities on the net are developed according to the modality of asynchronous activities and are carried out through emails, the forum. They are so called because they do not require teachers and students to use the same tool simultaneously, but each one uses it at different times.

They allow students to communicate with each other and/or with the teaching staff (tutors and professors), exchanging information, explanations, corrections, clarifications, etc.

Always available to the student

Tutors present on platform and on site

Interactive and timed slides for online study

Video Intro lessons
for slide lessons

Tests in progress in order to monitor learning

Teaching Methodology

The Course offers an educational format that coherently integrates all the key aspects of a distance learning experience:
  • Didactics
  • Technology
  • Organization
The main activities proposed are:
  1. Individual study (developed at the pace suggested by the teachers) based on:
    • Teaching materials that offer the basic contents of each course in a multimedia version;
    • Specific resources put online by teachers during the course (slides, explanations, notes)
  2. In itinere tests on each subject. At the end of each subject, the student will have to take the online assessment tests and a final theoretical and practical exam at the Rome office.

Online students can enroll at any time of the year, after sending the required documentation.

Evaluation and Exams

The course includes four moments of evaluation:

Students are subjected to ongoing tests in order to constantly monitor learning. The test can consist of:
  1. a closed-answer test
  2. other types of tests
These tests take place online. The evaluation is expressed in cents.
This test is done online.
After having carried out all the verification tests of the various two-year modules, the 1-year exam and the practical internships, you can access the final exam, which takes place in presence, at the Rome office. The criteria adopted for the assessment are equivalent to those for the face-to-face course. If the final or theoretical or practical exam is not passed, it can be repeated in subsequent exam sessions. In that case, the payment of the examination fee is required (see contract).


In this test, students will be able to use the credits earned during the two years of training. Pass is reached with: 60/100 If insufficient with a score between 55 and 59/100, the acquired credits are added up. These credits derive from the outcome of the final test of the 1st year and the evaluation of the two internships. The credits are a maximum of 5 and are obtained in the following way:
  • the following credits can be obtained from the final test of the first year:
 0 points = score < of 60/100 1 point = score between 61-70/100  2 points = score between 71-80/100 3 points = score between 81-100/100
  • from the internship evaluations, the following credits:
 0 points = if insufficient  1 point = if sufficient  2 points = if good

The practical test makes use of the methodology PEPAS methodology ( , which developed a practical evaluation system based on a modern evaluation methodology applied to medical sciences (OSCE – objective structured clinical examinations). This system was developed to assess practical learning outcomes, as described in the European Competence Dossier (

PEPAS has created around 100 practice tasks that can be used as a training tool and as part of the practice exam. The student will then be called upon to perform some of these standardized nursing procedures. The exam is considered passed if at least six out of eight cards (tasks) are passed. The examination commission is made up of PEPAS certified examiners, and an external member.

The course includes final verification tests of each subject which will be accessible to the student at the end of the educational path from the same.
Final exam of the 1st year with multiple choice test on all subjects of study of the first year..

Final exam for certification

You can access the final exam for certification after completing the entire educational path of the two-year course, the 1-year exam and the 800 hours of practical training.

The Final Test consists of a theory test of 100 questions on all the subjects of study. After passing the written test, you can access the practical exam.

IT tools

At the beginning of the course, each student is equipped with:

  • A username and password that allow access to the Internet platform dedicated to the course and access to teaching materials.
Within the platform, the student will find, for each subject:
  • the lessons to be studied and the exercises to be carried out
  • the collaborative online activities to participate in
  • the envisaged ongoing tests
  • a general forum for discussions, requests for clarification, insights, etc. specific teaching resources (exercises, supplementary materials, etc.). a text chat.