The Courses of Rome (in Italian)

Frontal Study Methods

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Monday Wednesday and Friday
October to June
with opening hours 9.30am-1.30pm


IN THE CLASSROOM Monday Wednesday and Friday from October to June from 2.30pm to 6.30pm


IN THE CLASSROOM 12 Full time meetings October to June on Saturday from 9.30am to 6.30pm

The Campus​

The Headquarters

We are located in Rome in Via dei Giovi 11

The Abivet headquarters, located in the Montesacro district of Città Giardino Aniene, is well connected and easily accessible from all parts of Rome. It has the latest generation classrooms and the accommodation part where students can take advantage of the College modality.

The Practical Internship Locations

The San Francesco Veterinary Clinic with ABIVET is the first veterinary services company in Europe to acquire the status of benefit company in its statute, wanting to once again underline its predisposition to transparency and interest towards animals and people.

The A.S.T.A, Animal Health and Protection Association is managed by veterinarians and supporting members. It is a non-profit organization that takes care of the care of stray animals, collected by citizens and brought to visit for the necessary health checks and sterilization plans.

The Feline Oasis of Porta Portese, managed by the ASTA Association with its cats is the heritage of the city of Rome, the commitment there at the Oasis is also directed towards improvement interventions, to make the feline oasis an increasingly welcoming space for animals and accessible to interested citizens and tourists.

Are you not from Rome?


1 Mode
in presence

in Cremona

8 hours of lessons per day
for one week
every month
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At a distance

Live with classroom courses

At a distance

You can:
Connect remotely
Live with the classroom and with the teachers
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Always sign up, plan your study

Online mode

You can:
Plan your study time
Study without constraints
Communicate directly online with tutors and teachers
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