The Courses of Cremona
(in Italian)

The Frontal Study Mode

Every other week

IN THE CLASSROOM From Monday to Thursday/Friday from October to June from 9.00 to 17.10

Registrations for 2023/2024 are OPEN.
Ask for registration information now or call us at 0372.403515.

The courses will be held at Palazzo Trecchi

The Headquarters

Palazzo Trecchi – Events, Conferences and Meetings

“I turned my gaze upwards in amazement and in front of me, with a surprising glance, I saw the Piazza del Duomo open up, an extraordinarily beautiful and bold image”… quote from “Travels in Italy” by Herman Hesse Many well-known names have written and sung about this city but only by living it, discovering its hidden corners, daring to taste the flavors of its cuisine, appreciating the silence that envelops it as the evening falls, one finds oneself experiencing a dimension that has now become rare in the chaos of the metropolis.

Are you not from Cremona?


3 Modes
in presence

Attendance in Rome

3 different modes:
Afternoon Course
Morning Course
Problem Based Learning
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At a distance

Live with classroom courses

At a distance

You can:
Connect remotely
Live with the classroom and with the teachers
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Always sign up, plan your study

Modalità online

You can:
Plan your study time
Study without constraints
Communicate directly online with tutors and teachers
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